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Link: Petition to Choose Gender in Fable 2

I saw this on Kotaku earlier:

I'm not some crazy feminist, or equal rights advocate, or anything to that nature. I'm not even female, and I in no way claim to speak for all of them. But there is an issue I want to address...

For some of you this isn't a big deal. For me it's a different story because I make games for a living. I hear the demographic data of who buys games and who is playing them every year. It really bothers me. There is a problem that our industry has openly admitted to, but hasn't done much to correct. That problem is the 45% of gamers out there who are female and who do not have a voice. As I said, I don't presume to be that voice, I just want to help forward-thinking in game development.

45% is a big number... and they all can't be expected to play Sims. My wife kicks the ever-loving crap out of me every time we play Quake III together... if it weren't for the gore and gothic decor she'd be hooked. I know there are plenty of girls (and women) who play World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. Many more who play racing games such as Forza and Gran Turrismo. My wife personally likes playing San Francisco Rush: 2049. All good examples of games that have no gender boundaries. Fable is certainly a fantastic title... so why design a game to alienate half of your potential audience?

[Fable 2 Petition via Kotaku]

When I first heard about Fable, I was pretty disappointed that they didn't allow you to choose your character's gender, and my hope was that Fable 2 would provide the player with this option.

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