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Feminist Elements in Video Games

Inspired by the Mo Movie Measure, I would like to create a way to measure the feminist elements in video games. I would like your help on thinking up a name for it, as well as your ideas about what constitutes a feminist element in a game.

Female Visibility:
  1. There is at least one female main character. Bonus points for having at least an even breakdown of women and men.

  2. The supporting characters include at least one named female. Bonus points for having at least an even breakdown of women and men.

  3. The is at least one woman in a high position (mayor, mentor, boss, etc). Bonus points for having at least an even breakdown of women and men.

  4. Overall there is about an even breakdown of visible women and men. This includes not only named characters and characters with speaking roles, but also characters who are just there as background props.

  5. A woman is never removed from the party to make way for another female party member (thus maintaining the token woman/women numerical imbalance). This point can be excepted in the event that the switch is incidental and clearly not gender related.

Portral of Women:
  1. The typical content of conversations by the women, especially in women-only scenes, do not involve discussing the men in a romantic or sexual way.

  2. There is at least one female lead who doesn't typify the gender archetypes such as "Childhood Friend/Love Interest", "Femme Fatale", "Physically Weak Healer", etc. Bonus points if there is a female lead who fulfills the duty of being the "normal" hero that male leads have traditionally held.

  3. None of the women in the game are portrayed as The Girl, but rather are given the same variety of personalities that the men in the game are.

  4. There is at least one female lead whose participation in the story is not connected to one of the men in the party; she has her own backstory, joins the quest for her own reasons, and does not fall in love with any men. Bonus points if most of the female leads meet these qualifications.

  5. There are at least one woman in the game who does not talk about men in a romantic or sexual way.

Story and Plot:
  1. There is at least one strong female-female friendship portrayed in the story. Each friendship adds a point.

  2. If two (or more) women have an argument in the game, the argument is not boiled down to a "catfight" spectacle. Each uncritical use of a "catfight", or reference to two women disagreeing as a "catfight" or otherwise gendered slur takes away a point.

  3. The story does not involve a female party member being captured and subsequently rescued.

  4. If comments are made to disparage the ability of the female members to fight, they are never validated by the story -- such as the women letting the menfolk leave them behind, a gender based plot contrivance to remove a character from a party, etc.

If y'all have any criticisms, suggestions, additions, and especially any good name ideas, I'd much appreciate it. I'm actually intending to begin a feature on my blog highlighting feminist video games, and I'd like to use this list (whatever it ends up being called) to gauge the games.
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