so Zen it's sick (aquaviann) wrote in feminist_gamers,
so Zen it's sick

EQ2 Run Animations

I mainly lurk here, but this seemed relevant enough to post. Recently in EverQuest 2, the run animation of some of the female models has been altered. The run is clumsy and odd, complete with gratuitous arm flopping. A guy on the official boards posted a thread about how he thought it was sexist. The responses thus far have consisted mostly of: 1) people calling him a pansy, accusing him of being 'feminine' (God forbid!) and 2) female players saying they don't like the animation, but making sure to add that it's not because they think it's sexist.


I'm pretty lurky over there as well, but here's my rambly contribution to the thread. The run animation by itself doesn't annoy me much, but in my post I try to explain why small sexist aspects can really add up. No one has touched my reply so far, which I expected. Anyway, if you're an EQ2'er, I invite you to throw your 2 cents in. In the end it probably won't change anything, but it sure as hell can't hurt to try.
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