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Looking for debaters

Cerise Magazine looking for two brave people to take on the task of entering into the age old debate of hardcore versus casual for our January 2008 issue, New Year, New Games.

Theme: An old debate for the new year: casual vs. hardcore
Submission deadline: December 20th, 2007

Platform 1: Hardcore 4eva
This platform would argue that, despite the increasing popularity of casual games, hardcore gaming will remain the heart of the industry that drives innovation and creates lasting franchises. (How one defines "hardcore", however, is up to the debater, and in fact using an updated version of the term that includes a hardcore play-style for casual games could make the debate more interesting.)

Platform 2: Casual to the core
This platform would argue that, while there will always be a special place for hardcore gamers in the industry, the financial reality is that casual gaming is the future.

If you're interested, you can reply in thread (and I'll get in touch with you), e-mail my co-editor Robyn (revena [at] theirisnetwork [dot] org), or contact us via this form (use "Submission Query" for you contact reason).

Gamer vs. Gamer is a regular feature of Cerise so if you're interested in debating with other gamers, but aren't into the whole "casual" versus "hardcore" thing please check out other upcoming themes here and if you're interested give us a shout out.

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