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Call for debaters: debating femininity in games

Okay, first off some people from last time expressed interest in seeing the outcome of the hardcore versus casual debate, so here it is: An old debate for the new year: casual vs. hardcore. I think it turned out rather well, myself.

We're now looking for two debaters to take a hard look at femininity for our February 2008 issue, Princess Power.

Theme: To be feminine, or to not be feminine… that is the question
Submission deadline: January 20th, 2007

Platform 1: To be feminine
This platform would argue that, while femininity has gotten a bad rap due to the way it’s been used and abused in culture, femininity is something that should be embraced both in games and gamer culture.

Platform 2: To not be feminine
This platform would argue that femininity isn’t worth salvaging: it’s too long been associated with weakness, frivolity, and other negative qualities and no attempt at reclaiming it would have a significant impact on current gamer culture.

If you're interested, you can reply in thread (and I'll get in touch with you), e-mail me (andrea [at] theirisnetwork [dot] org), or contact us via this form (use "Submission Query" for you contact reason).

Gamer vs. Gamer is a regular feature of Cerise so if you're interested in debating with other gamers, but aren't into this month's theme please check out other upcoming themes here and if you're interested give us a shout out.

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